Wednesday 3 August 2011

Debian Med BOF @ DebConf 11 in Banja Luka (Posted by Andreas Tille)

Andreas Tille had a BOF about Debian Med at DebConf 11 in Banja Luka at 30.7.2011. The slides as well as a video record can be downloaded.
Andreas had given an overview about the current status of Debian Med. It can be stated that the project which is one out of several Debian Pure Blends had made good progress over its nine years of existence. While several applications which might be used in medical care in the wider sense (which also stretches to microbiological research) were added to Debian so that we have a count of close to 200 packages it was also stated that the existence of Debian Med itself has attracted new Developers to the Debian project. Saying this Free Software for medicine profits from the Debian distribution and Debian was able to gather new manpower because this software was included.
The following TODO items were raised in the BOF
  • Logo
  • more effective use of social media to attract more users
  • Work together with Debian Publicity
  • Release in stable PPA and announce this
Plans for the next Debian Release:
  • Hospital information system VistA or at least GT.M (precondition for VistA)
  • Additional practice management systems FreeMed & FreeMedForms
  • Further Java packages like Jalview, Beast, Artemis (biology), mayam (medical imaging), dcm4chee (PACS server)
  • radiation therapy planning Prism

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