Tuesday 17 April 2012

New Debian Med metapackages uploaded (Posted by Andreas Tille)

I just uploaded new metapackages featuring dependencies of several new packages prepared thanks to the great work of the Debian Med team. Here are the newcomers (and packages we lost):

+ ballview
+ bowtie2
+ cd-hit
+ clustalo
+ ffindex
+ gassst
+ grinder
+ hhsuite
+ profphd-utils
+ proftmb
+ profphd
+ profphd-utils
+ pynast
+ qiime
+ r-bioc-cummerbund
+ reprof
- seq-gen (turned out to be non-free)

+ libchado-perl
+ libffindex0-dev
+ libtfbs-perl
+ libpal-java
+ librg-reprof-bundle-perl
+ librostlab-blast0-dev
+ librostlab-blast-doc
+ librostlab3-dev
+ librostlab-doc
+ libzerg0-dev
+ libzerg-perl

- freediams (restructuring upstream, will be back with next release hopefully)

+ imagevis3d
+ itksnap
+ odin
+ volview

+ python-pyxnat

+ clinica
- freediams (restructuring upstream, will be back with next release hopefully)

Seems the regular sprints of the Debian Med team have enhanced the team (regarding the number of people and the effectivity of the cooperation). Thanks to all people who joined our effort to make Debian the best free operating system for medical care and biological research.